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25,  · Read 42) You fight and he hurts you (part 1) requested from e story One Direction Preferences by bowtieziam (Sam) wi 33,130 reads. onedirection, louistomli Reviews: 21. 06,  · Read He Hurts Your Feelings - Preference from e story One Direction Imagines and Preferences 2 by misstakenduff (Lauren) wi 27,752 reads. onedirection, zay Reviews: 61. Preference - He Makes You Feel Insecure (Part 1) A/N I don’t ink any of e boys would do is purposely. Liam and Zayn’s are kind if related so I'm sorry I could ink of any ing else. filed under: one direction preferences, one direction imagine, one direction, Harry Styles, liampayne, louistomlinson, niallhoran, zaynmalik. 27,  · 13 - Ano er member hurts you by accident (Harry, Liam and Zayn) 14 - You have a stalker (Niall and Zayn) One Direction Preferences 7- Someone breaks in and hurts you (Harry) I-Am-Not-Obsessed. You had fallen asleep on e sofa, waiting for Harry to get home from a night out wi e boys. You woke up when you heard a loud crash. at hurt, You say looking at your bleeding hands. Come on, lets go clean you up, He said. NIALL: You were walking around and Niall was holding your hand ere were fans holding out eir hands to touch him and while you were walking by a fan grabbed your shirt and her nails kind of dug into yor side in e prosess, when you pulled away she. Preference 7: Your ex physically hurts you. Liam: You were home alone at your flat at you lived in wi Liam while he was out grocery shopping when you heard a rapid knocking at e door. I’m coming, chill out you screamed while getting up from e couch. . Luckily I’m not at stupid to hide a big amount of money in e house. I don’t ink ey took any ing from your stuff, but you should have a look. I’m calling e police in e mean time.’ He said. While he was dialing e number he looked at you when he realized you did not move e whole time, even when he told you to look for your. 27,  · PREFERENCE 4: YOU WAKE UP WHILE HE’S CARRYING YOU HARRY: You blinked open your blurry eyes to feel yourself being lifted gently by someone’s strong arms. At your first brea, you recognized e scent as distinctly Harry. You pulled your face out of e crook of his neck, causing him to look down at you lovingly and whisper, Hey ere, kitten. 09,  · Come on, Y/N, answer me. Harry whispered into your ear, his hand continuing to run rough your hair. He knew he wasn’t helping wi e situation, but e ought at someone had hurt you was driving him wild. Some guy hit my hand wi his camera when we were in . 27,  · One Direction Preferences 7- Someone breaks in and hurts you (Louis) I-Am-Not-Obsessed Now babe, I hate to ask but ey didn’t hurt you did ey, o er an your face ey didn’t hurt you? you got what he meant and saw how much it hurt him to say. He let me go, of course, saying family is more important an a stupid interview. 351. I take off running, my curls blowing behind me as i race down countless hallways. 347, 348, 349, 350. one direction preference 1d preference one direction imagines 1d imagine one direction imagine 1d imagines my 1d preferences. Preference 113: You Get Hurt While He’s Away. Harry: I’m gonna go call Harry, okay? Your mom whispers to you, hovering over your hospital bed as she tightly holds your hand. You groan a slight response. He looked at you and shook his head. I hurt you in probably one of e worst possible ways. I don’t deserve you. All of ose ings you said were right. one direction preference one direction preferences one direction scenarios one direction imagine one direction imagines imagine harry styles imagines imagine preferences . 22,  · Preference 4: He Gets A Girlfriend Who Hates You and He Takes Her Side (Part 2) (5/5) e feedback on is preference has been amazing! ank you so much! is is e ird and final part so enjoy! I am a brand new 1D imagines + preferences blog as of so make sure to check it out! Part one. e boys’ POV. He said no problem no one hurts my sister. You smiled at him and watched movies wi him for e rest of e day. Niall(age 13): you came home from a party limping because a papz pushed you and you fell into a rock and hurt your knee you tried to quietly go upstairs to e ba room to clean your knee but of course you trip and Niall comes. Niall: You try to get rough e mob of fans to get to Niall's flat, but ey won't let you rough. ey yelled names at you. Horrible ones. You were used to it ough. You pushed as hard as you could to get rough. You are not taking Niall! He's mine! A fan screams punching you as you stumble backds in pain. e fans start tearing your clo es and some kicked you. 13,  · Hello lovelies! I am just an Aussie girl who loves One Direction and writing. On is blog you will find Preferences, imagines and picture preferences. If you have a prompt, feedback for me or you simply want to fangirl my messages are always open. I . 22,  · BSM 1- He accidentally hurts you because of anger His POV. Liam: I didn’t realize what I did until I saw (y/n) running out of my room wi tears in her eyes. I can’t believe I just hit my baby sister. Instead of making ings better, I just made it worse for her. 4 He Hits/Hurts You (Requested - Part One) ning: ere is language and violent action in is bunch! please, if you are sensitive to any of it, refrain from reading! Harry: Four hours. He said he’d be home four hours ago. at was it. you’d had enough. at night, as he stumbled into e flat at two- irty in e morning, you finally. Zayn got a look of hurt and anger at someone would do at to his sister. He said I’ll be back and ran out of e room. A few minutes later Niall comes into your room and says at Zayn will be back soon. one direction one direction preferences one direction preference one direction imagine one direction imagines. devinityademoe. Preference 9: BSM: He hurts you. Harry: Harry’s eyes were as wide as could be, as he stared at you, his little sister, and saw e red k of a handprint forming on your face.Oh my god. Why did you move?! You felt tears pouring down your face, before you even realized you were crying. 25,  · He gets sick/hurt and e boys call you - Harry. A/N: Here is e last one at has been requested. Here’s e o er boys I have done. Ashton Mikey Calum Luke Liam Louis. I would just liek to add, like wi all of ese, I am not a medic, have medical training nor experienced any of ese myself, but I did do some research and tried to write it as accurately as possible. 18,  · One Direction Preferences/Imagines You get hurt anks to ice and he is not around. Megara. ank you to e Perks Of Being Harry's Cuddle Bear for suggesting is, hope you guys like it! ***I have only done Niall, Harry, and Louis so far, Zayn and Liam are coming soon! One Direction Preferences - 1 - He Finds Some ing Dark From Your Past. One Direction Preferences - 42) You fight and he hurts you (part 1) requested. Just a few One Direction preferences 1d Preferences One Direction Preferences cel Styles Dark Harry Tickle Fight Imaginary Boyfriend Book 1 Like You Girlfriends.12 pins. NO please!: You cried. He knew how you hated crowds and didn’t do well in em. I’ll carry you He picked you up and you held on tightly as possible. He walked out and e fans started screaming. e girls from e back started shoving causing e girls in e front to pushed ford. One ended up knocking you in e head. OW! . 02,  · 4 BSM He hurts you. Liam (age 12): You just got home from a terrible day at school. Your classmates bullied you, you got an F on a test at you studied very hard for and on top of at e hate was getting harder to ignore. 02,  · 5 BSM He Hurts You (Part Two) Part One 5 BSM He hurts you (Part 2) Liam (Age 12): It has been a week since your altercation wi Liam and e last time you have spoken to . One Direction Spanking *One Shots* Xxxblueeyesxxx11. he was obviously not okay to sit rough e rest of e meeting. He huffed, acting annoyed, ough I know he was happy to to be able to lay down and rest. he finally gave, uncurling himself until he was laying flat on his back. His face was scrunched up in pain and he looked. Liam: e boys went on a trip to film one of eir music videos in Sou Carolina where ere is just e perfect amount of wind, and ey were able to rent a house while staying ere.Liam invited you to come along, and you were excited to see e filming. is music video was going to be a lot different, a lot like e video for Incomplete by e Backstreet boys apparently, and ere weren. 14,  · BSM 1 - He accidentally hurts you because of anger (age 4 - 12) A/N: is is my first ever BSM hope you like it and feel free to request Liam . One direction preferences he hurts you while your pregnant. We write one direction preferences, imagines, outfits, and picture preferences so send request..xx / preference 3 BSM: he sees you get bullied/hurt and sticks up for you (requested) louis:(age 15) It was your first day of highschool and even ough you refused to admit it, you were scared. you had never been popular and got bullied a bit. Request: Can you do a preference where he finds out you were abused in a past relationship A/N: If ere is e possibility of is triggering you, please don’t read. is is not meant to romanticize abuse in any way. ning: descriptions of abuse, crying, a night e. You’d woken up at morning, haunted by a dream you’d had at night. It was him, it was always him. He would. 08,  · He spoke, asking e question more of his behalf an yours. Nodding your head, you shifted in e bed to get under e covers before Harry’s chuckle stopped you. at’s my side, babe. It was such a trivial ing wi Harry, but he always had a particular side of e bed he liked to sleep on - it was e same way at home. 25,  · 7 years ago on 25 111 notes. Tags: one direction preference one direction preferences preference preferences one direction 1D one direction imagine scenarios Harry Styles Niall Horan Zayn Malik liam payne louis tomlinson. He ushers you off to a more private area while you explain e events leading up to a few moments ago. Once in e privacy of e small corner Zayn’s brought you to, you break down in frightened tears and hand him e notes you’re still clutching in your hand. Zayn reads em before he crumples em in his palm as he pulls you in tods him. You Fight, And He Calls You A Nasty Name (PART 2) Niall: You lay on e bed, staying still, voice shaking, and tears falling. e pillow was soaking up e rain from your eyes. Five minutes passed. en ten. You still lay ere, trying to even out your brea ing, heart pounding fast in your chest. Preference 111: He finds Out You Were in an Abusive Relationship. Niall: e slam of e front door echoes rough e house, alerting you at Niall has finally come home. He had been gone all day for extensive tour rehearsals, and would be totally exhausted. You hear him stumble rough e living room and down e hall to your bedroom. BSM: You’re on Your Period and He’s e Only One Home (Requested) A/N: Requested by anon! I hope you guys like it, I don’t exactly know how good I am at e BSM stuff but hopefully I did a good job. Niall: Ugh, you groaned in pain, clutching at your sides helplessly as yet ano er surge of nausea and cramps rippled rough your. He repeats, and you look up and read off e nearest street sign you can find. You can hear his tires screeching as he makes a U-turn. Possibly an illegal one. Okay kitten, is is what you’re gonna do. You’re not going to hang up e phone, okay? Okay, I say, as a tear runs down my cheek. 25, - Explore Hunk Raj's board Wattpad one Direction on Pinterest. See more ideas about One direction, One direction preferences, Directions.72 pins. So when an anon asked for a masterlist, I realized I should make a new one. NING: e first -15 preferences are of my carrot days! Readers discretion advised! ♡ Pregnancy Series ♡ 1: What he Does for you When You’re Pregnant. 2: How you bo Meet. 3: Your Song. 4: How he Reacts when he Finds out You’re Pregnant (Gifs). Please find below e full details of e product you clicked a link to view.

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