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An excellently shot and well choreographed knife fight is also a highlight (and e bloodiest) of e film. Ajusshi/ e Man From Nowhere has rilling chases, exciting fight and action scenes, juicy and affecting twists and at heart-tugging sincerity at just explodes at you in e film’s final scenes.4.7/5(1.3K). If you watch is movie for any reason – make it e knife fight! e rest of e movie is told wi pace and character, wi quick flashes of action and revealing of Cha Tae -sik’s skill. It’s almost a bit of a tease leading up to e knife fight, but is entertaining in itself. 12,  · Enjoy e videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all wi friends, family, and e world on YouTube. e Man from Nowhere takes a quality-over-quantity approach to its fight scenes similar to at of SPL/Killzone, so ere aren’t too many fights to be seen here, but when ey come, boy do ey deliver! e first fight is a classic brawl between a gangster known as Teddy Bear and o er gangsters. 18,  · Feb 18, 1999 My all-time favorite movie knife fight is e end fight in e Korean film, e Man From Nowhere (20). I didn't link or embed it because I'm not sure it would be appropriate to post here due to e brutality of e scene. 04,  · Directed by Jeong-beom Lee. Wi Dong-Gun g, Min-hee Kim, Brian Tee, Hee-won Kim. A hit man traumatized from accidentally killing a young girl during a job is given e mission to eliminate her mo er, and begins e ultimate fight to save her life. 23,  · While ere is e visually excellent knife fight at e climax, what comes to mind more readily is e scene at e beginning where we see Hyo- g getting tortured wi a hair-dryer. at said, it goes wi out saying at e Man from Nowhere is not for e faint of heart, and is is one time I need to n at is movie is definitely not. e sound of e knife blades pressing against each o er was so awful I could practically taste it in e back of my mou. I ink at might have been what e . ,  · For action buffs and riller fans – or anybody simply craving an amazing cinematic knife fight – it doesn’t get much better an e Man From Nowhere. e plot of e film could perhaps be described as a cross between a Bourne movie and Luc Besson’s Leon/ e Professional. . In e 20 Korean movie e Man from Nowhere, e main character, Cha Tae-sik, takes out a room full of henchman using Filipino empty-hand and knife-fighting techniques. A fight also happens between Cha Tae-sik and a ai gang member in which ey use a variety of Filipino trapping techniques. 21,  · e Man From Nowhere has one of e best knife fights you’ll ever see Okay, so e headline speaks for itself. e Man From Nowhere is basically a Korean version of Taken, in which an ex-special forces agent goes on an unstoppable rampage to rescue e kidnapped (and unspeakably cute) dhter of his troubled neighbour. 08,  · 24 Movie Fight Scenes So Well-Choreographed, ey Deserve Ads e Man from Nowhere (20) but specifically e knife- rowing scene in e ird movie. It's so fast and incredibly. If you still craving for a balls to e walls knife figh scene in e Man From Nowhere or e Raid 2 en Re:Born is e right choice cause e whole movie can describe as a knife-fight fest where none of e characters want to use gun when facing Tak Sakaguchi a man not only got e knife fighting skills on lock but also got e bullet dodging skills so insane at it can put Neo to shame cause in some scene . e story has incredible choreographed fight scenes including a knife fight at e end at is probably e best knife fight you’ll ever see. e o er part at makes e movie so likable are e villains. While Gary Oldman is incredible in any film I just found e two bro ers in e Man from nowhere to be especially unlikable. e Man From Nowhere (20) It all works its way to an epic and brutal brawl at’s easily my favorite movie knife fight of all time. Won Bin, bursting wi quiet rage, takes on an entire. 08,  · ' e Man from Nowhere' is an action packed rill ride at can be aptly described as a Korean version of 'Man on Fire.' It's got e same basic setup, and plot, but Bin Won is a terrifyingly good tial artist, making some of e fight scenes amazing to behold. It isn't just fight scenes at sell is movie . 09,  · I wanted to check out e epic knife fight scene again as research for a knife fight scene I am writing in my upcoming sequel to Serpents Underfoot, e sequel is titled Montagnard. I understand e Man from Nowhere is now available to stream from Prime Video where it . Hector pulls his knife on Christmas when e latter runs out of blades. he arms himself wi a pair of brass knuckles, wi which he fights and defeats Hector. In e Man From Nowhere, Cha Tae-Shik (played by Won Bin) makes use of a switchblade and e art form kali to combat gangsters in a large condominium tods e finale of e film. After defeating e gangsters, he fights eir hired . 26,  · e fight sequences will blow you away. Never seen such stylish knife work. At e very end, ere’s a 3-fight-scene back-to-back. Multiple rounds gun-fight, en, a one versus many knife work. And finale – Tae-sik against a hired killer. All ree are choreographed to perfection. e special attraction of e movie is e final knife battle. e Man From Nowhere is no ing we haven't scene before plot wise and is not crammed wi action. What makes e Man From Nowhere work is its phenomenal pacing and exceptional acting from most of e cast. In e beginning you know next to no ing about Cha Tae-Sik but by e end of e movie a lot comes clear about why he acts e way he does. e Man From Nowhere works in melodramatic action-movie broad strokes: a stoic killing-machine hero who barely ever talks, an adorable little kid who needs to be defended, a rogues' gallery of bad. e Man from Nowhere (20) Parents Guide Add to guide. Showing all 23 items Jump to: Certification. Henchmen are taken out in a knife fight sequence wi bloody results. A man puts a knife in an old man's mou and kills him off-screen Edit. e Man From Nowhere, released in Sou Korea as Ajeossi, is a story about a simple, yet mysterious pawn shop owner from China (played by Korean actor Bon Win known also for Mo er (not e American horror film) and Tae Guk Gi: e Bro erhood of) who befriends a young year old girl at lives in his building wi her drug-addicted. r/movies: News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures Possibly e best knife fight scene ever: Sou Korean film Ajosshi (Eng: e Man from Nowhere) Close. 65. Posted by u/[deleted] 8 years ago. Archived. Possibly e best knife fight scene ever: Sou Korean film Ajosshi (Eng: e Man from Nowhere) I liked at knife fight for. Best Japanese Horror Movies Seems only fitting at it happened most recently wi a new film called e Man From Nowhere e final string of fights in e film include a knife fight. I saw IP Man 1 and 2 last year, really awesome movies. 1st one wi out any doubt e best one. Also Jet Lis Fearless is a pretty good movie. at knife fight in e Man From Nowhere was possibly e best knife fight I've ever seen. You bet it fucking was. I shat a brick house watching at scene. Apr 14,  · Culminating in e greatest knife fight ever committed to film until e Raid 2 took its crown, e Man From Nowhere benefits from a years-later revisit by holding up extremely well outside of at memorable knife fight. ere are quirks and details aplenty, and e swelling K-pop gives way to an emotional core at is compelling and tragic. e Man From Nowhere had probably e greatest knife fight in movie history, and No Tears has a few scenes at rival it for sheer nastiness. In gunfights, we see pieces of meat blown off bodies. 16,  · at is what makes movie knife fights exciting. Give two guys a blade each, or even give one guy a knife, and e fight becomes a tight-rope walk e whole way rough. ere a slew of flicks at display some cool cutlery combat, making it quite a task to round up e cream of e crop. e Man from Nowhere, also known as Ajeossi, is a Sou Korean action film at opened in ust 4, 20 and is directed by Lee Jeong-beom.. It centers around an ex-Army Intelligence Command operator turned quiet pawnshop owner named Cha Tae-Sik, who is unexpectedly flung into a conflict between e Kkangpae and Sou Korean narcotics detectives.. However, Cha later takes ings personally. Netflix Movie of e Week: e Man From Nowhere. Review. Close. 169. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. (and IMO it's a good movie but is fight is by far e biggest reason why it's wor watching) en feel free to watch is clip just to appreciate e fight. 2:35 is where it starts. (e ba room fight, e catching of a knife wi. e firefights and e MMA-like knife fight in is movie are also very very nicely performed and directed. e knife fight is e second best, just one notch lower an e knife fights in e Korean movie e Man from Nowhere. Al ough e screenplay is pretty weak but it simply won't be a problem since e tough and cool image. e Man from Nowhere refer. e Man from Nowhere (French: L'Homme de nulle part), a 1937 French film directed by Pierre Chenal. e Man from Nowhere, a story in e series of Dan Dare comics, first appearing in 1955. Arizona Colt, alternatively known as e Man from Nowhere, a 1966 Italian film directed by Michele Lupo e Man from Nowhere (Randall and Hopkirk), an episode of . e Movie: 8. I suppose it’s hard not see influences of at which came before, whe er real or imagined, conscious or un-, e Man from Nowhere - billed by Well-Go in ese parts as Korea’s highest grossing film of 20 - has echos of Man on Fire, Leon, Taken, and in e re kable knife fight at e e film’s finale, bo Kill Bill and Oldboy. 23, 20  · e Man From Nowhere fight is a street brawl, more compact and to e point and ru less Sounds typical of Korean fight choreography. is is what I like about eir action movies. Here's a look at a movie knife classic, First Blood, and a movie at borrowed generously from e Rambo universe. Spoiler alert: ripping off Rambo is never a good idea. Read more. How to Make Lara Croft’s Climbing Axe from Tomb Raider. Ben Sobieck- ch 16, . 0. e Tomb Raider movie, starring Alicia Vikander, has Lara Croft. Feb 28,  · My favorite knife fighting movies of all time is e Hunted. What's yours? 1 antonic, Feb 25, . danbo27 Loaded Pockets. Joined: 4, 2009 Messages: 303 Likes Received: 42. I enjoyed watching ' e Man from Nowhere' (on Netflix), which had a bit of knife fighting . Turns out e 50 best action movies of e ade (20 -) come from 14 different countries and represent an infinite number of ways to break bones. e Man from Nowhere (20, Sou Korea.

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